The New Norm: How Our Lifestyles Have Changed Due To The Global Pandemic

Published on 01/04/2021

By now there is no need to go into detail about this virus that has basically taken over the world and completely changed our lives. Even though we’re one year into this massive pandemic, many of us are still taking time to adjust to the radical lifestyle change that the virus has brought upon us. Despite the fact there is a glimmer of hope with talks of a new vaccine, everyone is still forced to change their definition of a ‘normal life’. Of course, people have tried their best to adjust to the new norm, but needless to say, it has still taken a huge toll on many people’s wellbeing. Take a look at how we’ve all had to change our lifestyles due to COVID-19.

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The New Norm: How Our Lifestyles Have Changed Due to The Global Pandemic

Reduced Travel

Gone are the days where traveling was a luxury or looking forward to the yearly family vacation. Due to major travel restrictions that have been placed pretty much all over the world, it is not so easy to just hop on a plane to visit family and friends or even simply lay on the beach. Many airports and borders across the globe have closed to try and limit the spread of the virus. We can only hope that these limitations will be slowly lifted in the safest way possible.

Mandatory Face Masks

Wearing a mask has become pretty natural for everyone. Sometimes it’s even hard to remember what life was like without having to remember to wear a mask every time you leave your home. However, people have truly turned this “annoyance” into a positive. How so? Well no matter if you choose disposable or reusable masks, it has now become quite trendy to match them to your outfit of the day. Go figure!


Education as we know has significantly changed over the last year. Most schools and universities have moved to online platforms, and it’s not just for high schoolers but for children as young as 5 or 6 years old too. This may be a great way to handle the situation…in first world countries but what about people who live in poorer parts of the world and do not have any access to the internet or computers? Studies have suggested that education around the world has seriously been negatively impacted. So, we can only hope things get better, especially for our future generation.

The Way We Socialise

We’re definitely not saying that all the other changes we’ve had to make are difficult, but worldwide, it seems as though a lot of people have been struggling the most with this one. The way we socialize has dramatically changed and the major buzz word that everyone is using is social distancing. Basically, no more gathering in large crowds, meaning that (for now) we’ve had to say goodbye to attending concerts, museums, cafes, and even shopping malls. Howeev it seems that so many people are struggling with no being able to visit their loved ones, especially those who are elderly, pregnant, or have health conditions.