Celebrate World Pasta Day At These Top Italian Restaurants Across The World

Published on 10/21/2020

What could be better than a warm plate of steaming hot pasta in a rich, creamy sauce, seasoned with only the finest of herbs? Or a simple plate of mouth-watering spaghetti topped with the most delectable meat-based sauce sprinkled with a touch of parmesan cheese. Mmmm, there’s no doubt that everyone loves a good plate of pasta, right? Well, on the 25th of October, we get to celebrate World Pasta Day by eating as much pasta as our stomachs desire! This is simply a day that people from all over the globe get to celebrate one of the world’s most favorite and versatile foods. Strange as it may seem but there are over 30 different kinds of pasta, some more well-known than others. And with these variations come a diverse amount of recipes with it. So, if you’re looking to celebrate World Pasta Day this year, take a look at these top Italian restaurants around the world that offer the most exquisite pasta dishes. Buon appetito

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Celebrate World Pasta Day At These Top Italian Restaurants Across The World

GIA – Downtown Dubai, UAE

Not that many people would have guessed that one of the world’s best pasta restaurant would be located in Dubai. Howeev, this super fancy and elegant Italian eatery offers a variety of the most delicious Italian foods. Both locals and tourists from abroad have highly recommended this restaurant, not only for its spectacular cuisine but for its beautiful atmosphere and vibe. After your first visit to GIA, you’ll be rushing back to get your pasta fix.

Nightshade – Los Angeles, USA

Believe it or not, bur Nightshade is actually a relatively new restaurant that was open in 2018 by Top Chef winner Mei Lin. This restaurant is one of the most popular Los Angeles has to offer and trying to reserve a table here is not so easy. Every dish on the menu that Lin has created is not only unique and diverse but will leave you licking your lips at the end of your meal. However, be sure not to miss out on some of her best creations as the cuisine changes with the season.

La Bottega – Geneva, Switzerland

La Bottega is one of the greatest Italian restaurants Switzerland has to offer. They have a gourmet menu, with the most original and delectable creations. Many locals have dubbed this authentic restaurant as “a little piece of Italy in Switzerland”.

Tavernaccia da Bruno – Rome, Italy

Of course, no list containing the best pasta restaurants in the world would ever be complete without at least one restaurant from the pasta capital of the world. Tavernaccia da Bruno is located in the Trastevere area of Rome and is highly considered to be the best pasta restaurant in Rome. Tavernaccia da Bruno is a family-run eatery that has been rated as a fantastic place to eat with wonderful food. Actually, this popular Italian restaurant has been going strong for 5 decades, so they definitely must be doing something right!

95 Keerom – Cape Town, South Africa

This wonderful pasta restaurant is considered to be a hidden gem of Cape Town, as well as one of the best restaurants in South Africa to eat all kinds of delightful pasta. Both the restaurant ambiance the food is sophisticated and at the same time beautifully simple. Not only is this restaurant highly recommended by many of the locals but also by tourists who have visited from all over the world.