The Best Donuts Shops Around The World, See Which One Is Our Favorite

Published on 07/21/2020
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The Best Donuts Shops Around The World, See Which One Is Our Favorite

Over the years, this delicious and sweet snack has shifted from being just the classic sugar or powdered donut to an entirely new era of sweetness. What used to be a donut with your morning coffee, is no longer the case anymore. These days there are so many different kinds of deep-fried sugary excellence to pick from and this trend is sweeping the nation. This list includes the absolute best donuts around the world, with quality that you will not find anywhere else. While they may not be healthy, they are certainly tasty! Here we have some of the best donut shops listed for you, we promise they are worth traveling for.

California Donuts

Since 1982, this family-owned donut shop has been creating thick and fluffy donuts all around the LA community. These donuts are incredibly unique and the shop itself offers truly quality customer service right to you. There is never a time that you won’t see a line out the door, so make sure to be patient, you may be waiting a while. Trust us, its worth it.

TLV Donuts

TLV Donuts was created by the talented and lively Olivia Rose and her partner Daniel Abramov. The couple was in search of American style donuts in the heart of Tel Aviv. They searched near and far but came up short. Thus, they made it their mission to create an American donut shop in Tel Aviv out of their home. These donuts are the most unique and delicious donuts you may find in the entire world and by far the best in all of Israel. Each one custom made with love and care, to please all kinds of costumers. These donuts can lift you when you’re feeling down and are perfect for all kinds of events. With so many different flavors, the menu changes monthly, so make sure to stay up to date on the latest tastes available and order in advance.

Voodoo Doughnut

Located in Portland, Oregon, you will find the most outrageous and unusual donut flavors. These donuts combine all the delicious flavors that you would never expect to find on a donut. Voodoo doughnuts have a huge following of loyal fans. They commend themselves on creating doughnuts filled with humor. You have to stop by and try one of the magical mysteries!

Bob’s San Francisco

What could be better than 24-hour donuts? Whatever time of day you are craving donuts, just head over to Bob’s in San Francisco. These gooey delicious fried rings will melt in your mouth. Crispy and glazed on the outside but soft and tasty in the inside, mmm, mmm good! What makes the experience even better is the incredible staff who patiently will walk up and down the aisles until you choose exactly what you want.

Our Personal Favorite

If you ask us, we will tell you that out of all the donuts we have tried around the world, TLV Donuts surpasses them by far. Each donut is made from the love of Olivia’s heart and you can taste the sincerity! From the Cinnabon to the Ferrero Rocher, to the Creme Brulee and everything in between, these donuts are little pieces of heaven.