How To Feel Your Best While On Vacation

Published on 05/31/2020
How To Feel Your Best While On Vacation

How To Feel Your Best While On Vacation

If you’re planning on going on vacation anytime soon, you might be concerned about how you’ll stay active and healthy. You’ve probably heard all the usual advice: skip alcohol, desserts, and exercise in the mornings before anyone wakes up. While this advice might be given with good intentions, it can be somewhat depressing. We think you should take a gentler approach that will solely focus on you feeling good on vacation and making the most of it!

Drink Lots Of Water

When you’re on vacation (and in general), water is your best friend. Drink a lot of it. Whether you’re on long flights, lounging on a hot beach, or eating more sodium or sugar than usual, water is the most important thing to think about. Just make sure to keep an eye on the amount of water you’re drinking so you don’t accidentally get dehydrated.

Introduce Indulgences Slowly

We all know how one of the main pleasures of vacation is the indulgence! You get the chance to break out of your routine and trying new delicious foods. This can be a three-cheese quesadilla at a beach resort or a decadent brownie after dinner in the town. Expect to indulge, only take it slowly to avoid an upset stomach or an energy crash.

Try Staying Active

It’s much too tiring to feel like you need to hit the hotel gym every morning while you’re on vacation. When you’re at home, you probably feel like a gym session is necessary after sitting at a desk all day, but when you’re on vacation, you don’t have to be as strict sine you’re more likely to be active throughout the day. Hike somewhere nearby, go on walking tours, or go swimming. All these activities will add up.

Focus On Fruits And Veggies

Another easy rule to follow is to focus on what you can add to your meal, not what to remove from it. In other words, add more fruits and veggies whenever you can. Worry less about the rest. If you happen to be eating pizza for dinner, order a small side salad as well. If you want some ice cream for dessert, go for it! Top it off with some fresh fruit.

Prioritize Sleep

One of the most important ways to feel good on vacation is by making sure you get enough sleep. Be sure to understand the time zone differences ahead of time and come up with a plan to adjust as quickly as possible.

Enjoy Yourself!

Vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing! It’s a chance for you to focus on you and break away from the normal routine. Don’t hold yourself back with complex health rules. Instead, focus on feeling good and energizing yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be back home!