The Greek Islands That Are A Must

Published on 11/10/2020

Mythical and mystical Greece, a tourist destination unlike any other. The multiple Islands of Greece make it a destination that is as if you are traveling multiple destinations. From the authentic accents of blue and white to the delicious food, party-life, and world-class art galleries that can be seen it is certainly a wondrous vacation point. The Grek Islands have something for everyone- whether you are looking to party, shop, or simply relax on the beach, it is also a wonderful place to tour and soak up the centuries of history. These are a few must-visit spots in Greece, we tried to steer the list away from the usuals.

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The Greek Islands That Are A Must


Paros is the perfect island to sit back and relax, it is one of the less hustling and bustling islands and is not as popular. This makes it one of the better and more secluded choices for your vacation. The island is filled with stuff to do, from breathtaking beaches to wandering through the town and experiencing the locals. The mountain town of Lefkes is a must-see and will transport you right back into olden day Greece. Moreover, cruising the blue lagoon and soaking up the sun is a memory you will have forever.


Very close to Paros, Naxos embodies the ideal blue and white housing and is packed with Greek history. The architecture is breathtaking and the island truly immerses you in the culture. This island is great for families as it has a bit of everything, good food, history, friendly locals, beautiful beaches and the sunsets are to die for. Naturally, the town of Naxos is a bit more hustling and bustling with plenty of activities for all.


Milos is probably the top island for beach-goers and explorers. The moonscape beaches are something out of a magazine, the island is serene and quiet. The beaches look as if they are from another kind of galaxy and the cliffs are unbelievable, for those who like to jump off into the water. We foresee Milos’ popularity on the rise so try visit before it turns into another crowded tourist spot. Sarakiniko beach is a must-see in Milos, the white sand cliffs and planes are unbelievable, there is also an abandoned shipwreck there which can be snorkeled. Ensure that you are a strong swimmer and there are calm waters if you are adventurous enough for this one.


Some refer to Santorini as the island of love and romance, the blue and white buildings of Oia, the sunsets and picturesque views are rather charming. Santorini has black sand beaches, cruises, authentic food, and is set in an atmosphere of serenity and charm. Naturally, it is romantic but more calming than Mykonos. If you are looking to fall in love or rekindle with a loved one we highly recommend this destination. You can rent a catamaran and sail the sea, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and fresh wine- if this doesn’t make you fall in love just the sunset will.