The 5 European Cities You Have To Visit

Published on 10/10/2021

With the U.S being the size as it is, it is common for an American to travel between states for a vacation. After all, the flight can still be long depending on where you travel from, and the season change can be so drastic that you will even feel like you’ve gone abroad! An example is going to Florida for the winter from somewhere like New York- big, big difference. However, if you’re really looking to take a trip, we all know that Europe is the holy grail. Somewhere where the culture is significantly different, as well as the language. Most of the time you can get by just with English, it is widely spoken globally and especially in capital cities. European cities just have a different feel, enriched with history, amazing people as well as the food. Continue reading to discover the cities you must visit for your next vacation!

Crotian Flag

Crotian Flag


Split, Croatia

Split is the 2nd largest city in Croatia and is situated on the coast, the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. The city has a different feel from mainland Croatia, Zagreb for example, and is a must-visit if you go to Croatia. It has Greek influence as it was founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos back in early 2nd or 3rd century. Due to it’s humid, subtropical Mediterranean climate, the city has a amazing summer feel and can reach high temperatures. Furthermore, it is home to some of the bluest seas you will ever see. The city if beautiful and if you ever felt like cliff-diving, this is the place to do it! Snorkeling too, the city also hots a musical festival once a year.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a delight that everyone should visit. Enriched in history, beautiful views and lots to see, Edinburgh is one of the secret delights of the United Kingdom. The city is home to bursting nightlife, great food, a fantastic shopping district and you could literally walk around the city all day looking at the sights without getting bored. The city has an old-feel to it and you will enjoy learning about Scottish history from Edinburgh castle, as well as seeing fancy items like the crown jewels!

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a secret Belgian delight, and only seventh in city sizes in Belgium. Sure Brussels is great and a must-visit, but why not take a day to see Bruges? Easily accessible by train, you will not be disappointed. The city is full of history and is even a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Due to its port, Bruges has significant economic importance and is a big-player in the list of cities that are considered commercial cities. The city has a lot of its medieval architecture intact, as well as many stunning churches and other old European-style buildings. The city hosts festivals, has many bars and pubs which serve Belgian craft beer, shops to buy chocolate and enjoy the scenery.

Cagliari, Italy

A municipal-city considered ‘less-touristy’ than the average Italian city, Cagliari is a hidden treat. The city is actually situated off of mainland Italy, but easily reachable by boat or plane. The city has an ancient history, and has overseen rulers from several civilizations. This gives the city a unique feel with an interesting culture. It is considered one of the greenest Italian cities, and has many parks and beaches at its disposal. While it also has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, it is a great place to go for a relaxing vacation too. Full of museums, galleries and beautiful architecture, the city hosts events such as the Cagliari Carnival, Cagliari Fair and some amazing Easter celebrations.

Kraków, Croatia

Kraków is one of the oldest cities in Poland and the second-largest. The city is stunning and the Old Town of Kraków was actually declared the first UNESCO World Heritage Site ever. The city has come a long way in terms of development, having gone from a stone age settlement to an important city with universities, major arts centers and a very rich history. In 2000 the city was named the European Capital of Culture and is visited by millions of tourists annually. There is lots to do here, and you surely won’t be disappointed if you come and visit.